At Reef King Aquatics we understand that the perfect mini ocean in your home has to begin with the Aquarium. This has to be thought out properly in order to avoid any issues after your livestock is introduced. We can advise on the best solution for your requirements, whether you require a sump, whether you will have a fish only system or full reef.

As a registered reseller of all the major brands we are able to offer you a vast array of choices for your aquarium including colour finishes and styles. If however your requirements are a little more bespoke, we can design and manufacture your aquarium to any size.

Branded Marine Aquariums

At Reef King Aquatics we have secured some solid partnerships with the main aquarium manufacturers. Household names such as Eheim, Evolution Aqua, Red Sea, Innovative Marine and D-D to mention a few.

We can advise which aquarium will best meet your requirements and also which will fit best into your home or business, whether you are looking for a small desktop nano tank or a 6 foot full reef tank complete with cabinet and sump.

Simply give us a call or come in to our shop where we can discuss all the available options.

Custom Built Marine Aquariums

If you want something a little different, a little bigger, or something to fill a space perfectly, a custom built aquarium is an option available to you. With custom aquariums you have the flexibility to specify how many wiers you need, where they are placed, what material and colour the stand is and even down to the quality of the glass used.

We have had a long standing relationship with one of the UK's largest Aquarium manufacturers. Your tank manufacture will be managed fully to the point where it safely gets delivered to your door. Once there if required, we can arrange to install it for you and get your home ocean up and running.